Resource, Infrastructure and Utilities


In view of the rapid macro-economic expansion, there is increasing focus on infrastructure build-up and expansion of utility-based services. Along with helping clients determine the effectiveness of their existing products and services by means of consumer satisfaction surveys, we also provide information which help them in critical business decisions such as breaking into new markets and other expansion-related activities. At the same time, resource and energy providing companies want to take due care in safeguarding environment and be as ‘green’ as possible and MarkPlus helps them create strategies for implementing more energy-efficient operations.

  • How to differentiate ourselves in the competition?
  • How to maintain customer’s loyalty and create referrals?
  • How to develop a branded service that fits organization culture?
  • How to develop and maintain relations between company and community?



Development of a rapid and extensive infrastructure is critical to overall development in Indonesia’s economy. The government’s ambition to ‘revitalise national infrastructure devcelopment’ provides plenty of opportunties to infrastructure players aiming to capitalise on growth in this industry. MarkPlus supports them in addressing issues such as how to 

  • accommodate customer’s changing needs toward infrastructure product and service?
  • optimize distribution channel to attract more customers?
  • develop value proposition to differentiate from competitor’s offerings?
  • manage and develop sales team to improve business?
  • manage product, after sales is conducted, to maintain brand image?



Energy and utility industry provides the most essential services to consumers. Industry players are looking to create a close customer relationship, ensuring loyalty represented through years of successful services. We help them identify how to:

  • fulfill customer needs?
  • arrange product portfolio that best meets customer demand?
  • ensure flawless experience across customer buying cycle?
  • manage customer satisfaction and loyalty?
  • leverage on the brand equity among customers?

Common research topics on the industry:

  • Market Sizing and Measuring Market Potential
  • Evaluation on Production and Distribution Effectiveness
  • Service and Loyalty Evaluation
  • Community Relation/CSR Evaluation
  • Brand Audit
  • Ads Pre-Test and Post-Test
  • Usage Attitude And Image (UAI) Research
  • New Product and Pricing Research