Healthcare, Property and Consumer

Growing prosperity and increasing consumer spending are significant growth drivers in real estate, consumer goods, and healthcare industries. At MarkPlus Insight, we have a vast amount of experience in assisting clients to better navigate the challenges in entering new markets, adapting to changes in existing product line-ups and expanding customer base. Our dedicated industry experts have the required knowledge and skills in meeting client requirements to serve a better informed, more demanding consumer.


Healthcare demand in Indonesia has grown substantially over the past several years in response to rising middle class income, changing lifestyles and expanding urbanisation. The growing nationwide healthcare spending expands the scope of opportunities for healthcare companies to tap into the growth potential. Healthcare organizations shall be better served by not only improving clinical and medical quality but also developing branded services to create an edge over rivals. The key questions facing industry players are:

  • How to differentiate from competition?
  • How to maintain patients’ loyalty and create referrals?
  • How to cooperate with other healthcare providers to create strategic partnerships?
  • How to team up with other providers to optimize patients’ service experience?



Sustained high economic growth in Indonesia is acting as a major driver for property industry, demonstrated by rapid corporate expansion, aggressively expanding local and foreign retailers and growing demand for mid-level and luxury property. In view of bolstered investor confidece in Indonesian market, property industry beneifts from all these favourable conditions.  for property players to grow. This growing momentum has however intensified the competition as well, which is why industry players require guidance on:

  • How to  accommodate customer’s changing needs toward property?
  • How to optimize locations to attract more customers?
  • How to develop value proposition to differentiate from competitor’s offerings?
  • How to develop and manage sales team to improve business?
  • How to manage property after sales is conducted, to maintain brand image?



Rising personal incomes and greater purchasing powers have triggered rapid growth in consumer goods industries in Indonesia. Companies manufacturing fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs), including groceries, cosmetics, packaged foods, etc have enjoyed steady growth in sales and demand is going to get bigger and better, going forward. The rapidly changing trends however requires market players to have detailed uinderstanfing of consumer’s growing needs. This is where MarkPlus Insight comes to aid by providing answers to questions such as:

  • How to adapt to customer’s continuously changing lifestyles and behaviors?
  • How to arrange product portfolio that best meets customer demand?
  • How to ensure captivating and flawless experience across customer buying cycles?
  • How to manage our customer satisfaction and loyalty?

Common research topics on the industry:

  • New Product and Pricing Research
  • Outlet/Retail Mapping
  • Customer Satisfaction And Loyality Measurement
  • Market Segmentation & Profiling
  • Usage Attitude And Image (UAI) Research
  • Brand Equity and Ads Research
  • Market Sizing