Government and Public Services

Our specialised team of researchers provide expertise in three broad categories: Government, Politics, and Social Development. Our clientele seeks vast array of information, from consumer satisfaction levels to their activities in social development.


Whether it’s a ministry or a government-owned corporation, the operations of state-owned industries are often complicated. Ministeries are armed with enormous responsibilities, often serving as the backbone of a country. Delivering excellent business while dealing with regulations and limitations can get quite challenging at times.


Political marketing in South East Asia has never been on to a more exciting stage than it currently is. With democracy, social-economic development, & technology advancement, political institutions and individuals are naturally inclined to pay more attention to market intelligence, insights, and studies.

Social Development

At first glance, social development organizations could be viewed as less dynamic than profit-based corporations. But a closer, more in-depth look reveals how managing a non-profit organisation is a big task. With such a big responsibility, it is vital for such orgsanisations to have a deep understanding of the social conditions and the communities they serve. 

Common research topics on the industry:

•       Baseline Survey

•       Public Service Monitoring

•       Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

•       Good Corporate Governance

•       Strategic Communication

•       Political Study

•       Micro-Targeting Study (7 Steps in Political Marketing)