Gang Survey (Group Interview)

A moderated self-survey where respondents are invited to our facility and participate in topical discussions. The facility is modified to represent a real situation as per the need, often used to provide a sensory experience (look, feel, touch, and smell). Respondents experience the product/service and fill out their opinions in a structured survey. This methodology is highly effective in testing product concepts and developing a marketing strategy before new product launches. 


Some applications:

  • UAI Research
  • Concept & Product Test
  • Pricing test
  • Ads Pre-Test and and Post-Test
  • Social study
Some experiences:


  • Car Clinic - survey to capture market needs and product acceptance of a new car
  • Product and pricing test for imported canned food products
  • Taste test for an imported bakery
  • Taste test for a flour product developed by an Indonesian-Korean joint-venture