Financial and Services Industries

MarkPlus Insight has extensive experience working with financial services institutions such as banks, insurance companies, multifinance companies and others to provide market insights instrumental in strategy development. Supported by deep industry knowledge powered by a specialised team of researchers, we are capable of providing tailored and innovative solutions to help financial services institutions achieve market growth and sustainability.

The increasing competitiveness in financial services industry has compelled players to strive for excellency across all touch points. An accurate view of customer satisfaction will help determine how financial institutions can continue expanding their base of loyal clients, which will also go a step further in advocating their brands/products.  

For sustainable growth in the fast evolving financial services market, it is imperative for financial institutions to build a brand – the most valuable intangible asset. With our strong analytical capabilities and research skills, we help address questions such as how to:

  • measure customers’ satisfaction & loyalty towards products/services?
  • identify key improvement areas to increase customers’ satisfaction & loyalty?
  • maintain high satisfaction and loyalty of customers?
  • identify which contact points need to be improved?
  • measure brand image and association among customers?
  • identify strengths and weaknesses compared with competitors?
  • evaluate effectiveness of brand campaigns?
  • determine effective media channels to be used?
  • differentiate ourselves from competitors?
  • determine which customer segments to pursue?
  • Get to know the profile of existing and potential customers?
  • identify and answer anxieties and desires of customers?

Common research topics on the industry:

  • Market Segmentation & Profiling
  • Service and Loyalty Evaluation
  • Service Performance Evaluation
  • Product Evaluation
  • Community Relation/CSR Evaluation
  • Brand Equity Tracking
  • Ads Pre-Test and Post-Test
  • Usage Attitude and Image (UAI) Research