Communication, Hi-Tech and Media

Today, the world is getting more and more connected by means of ever-expanding communication services. The growing need of consumers to stay forever-connected and abreast with up-to-date information presents huge opportunities for CHM industry players. At MarkPlus Insight, our extensive research experience help businesses address challenges such as: 

  • How to adapt to continuously changing consumer lifestyle and behavior?
  • How to manage retail audit and channel mapping?
  • How to better understand viewer preference?
  • How to measure communication effectiveness?
  • How to streamline brand management in line with customer demand?
  • How to create a strong sense of customer satisfaction and loyalty?
  • How to ensure flawless experience across the customer buying cycle?
  • How to capture potential market (B2C & B2B market)?

Our team in MarkPlus Insight have a vast experience in assisting emerging and existing CHM industry players by providing them with accurate insights helpful in strategic endeavours.

Common research topics on the industry:

  • New Product and Pricing Research
  • Usage Attitude And Image (UAI) Research
  • Brand Equity and Ads Research
  • Market Segmentation & Profiling
  • Customer Satisfaction And Loyality Measurement
  • Outlet/Retail Mapping