Automotive, Transportation and Logistics



Indonesia is a vehicle market with huge untapped potential and carmakers are focused on continuing innovation to better align their products and services with customer’s desires, expectations and anxieties. Vehicles are not just a mode of travel anymore and are becoming more and more connected with in-car solutions and other value-based services. There is also increasing focus on ‘green’ branding, focused on lowering pollution and improving fuel economy. MarkPlus Insight team addresses issues such as:

  • How to accommodate customer’s needs, in terms of functional usage and emotional appeal?
  • How to stay ahead of the competition and perform better in key market segments?
  • How to understand customer behavior and factors affecting purchasing decisions?
  • How to exceed customer expectations and improve satisfaction and loyalty?
  • How to build and maintain the effective communication channels to strengthen brand image?


Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and Logistics sector is integral to the success of a fast growing economy like Indonesia. With the growth in trade and commerce, this sector is also well positioned to witness increased investment. For industry players, MarkPlus Insight provides answers to key questions such as:  

  • How to drive innovation in line with customers’s needs and expectations?
  • How to win over competition through service differentiation?
  • How to build customer trust and understand customer behavior in selecting a transportation and logistics provider?
  • How to manage service quality to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty?

Other common research topics based on case:

  • New Product And Pricing Research
  • Segmentation Research
  • Customer Satisfaction And Loyality Measurement
  • Usage Attitude And Image (UAI) Research
  • Brand Equity And Ads Research