Consumer goods
market snapshot
The vast growth of middle class segment in Indonesia that leads to the increase on purchasing power have fueled up consumer goods’ industry in Indonesia, not to mention the rise of per capita GDP that have exceeded $3.500 level which re-shaped consumer’s lifestyle and behavior especially in the middle class segment.
This phenomenon have pushed industry players to think harder in order to be more competitive by formulating strategies such as coverage, product and category expansion, as well as tapping new market segment.
The next challenge for industry player is to anticipate Indonesia’s geographical condition as an archipelago. Being geographically fragmented, it is very important for every company to carefully navigate their management, especially in distribution to succeed in this growing market.
What is Retail Census?
  • What type of retail outlet dominates the market and how to ensure the widest possible availability?
  • How many retail outlets are there and where are they all located in the outlet universe?
  • How widely available is my product?
  • How is my product performance compared to my competitors?
These are the typical issues which most industry players especially consumer goods were always trying to address. How to make sure that the products have distributed to all the designated retail channels, how to measure and evaluate sales performance, also how to determine the right distribution channel. Other than that, industry players also need the information regarding salesman’s coverage in order to gauge potential market expansion plan. Knowing that, it is very important for every industry players to acquire a set of information which make addressing all of the issues possible and provide a fact based solution for sales, distribution and marketing.
M-Recen by MarkPlus Insight serves as an integrated tools for answering those questions. More over, through M-Recen’s online dashboard, companies can monitor all the acquired information real time!
Why Retail Census?
Retail Census helps increase sales, check product availability, identify distribution chain and optimize marketing activation program
  • Identify channels with the most contribution in total business turnover as well as on category level.
  • Ensure on-time product delivery and avoid stock outs on areas with best sales performance
  • Covering until traditional channel, an important revenue generator which information is very important to boost sales and assess future expansion plan
  • Different areas might have different distribution systems. For example, some areas are fully covered by an agent/wholesalers which means that sales person from the principles would not be necessary. M-Recen will provide you with a specific information regarding the distribution chain in every particular area
  • M-Recen will help you to identify competitor’s movement and retailer’s needs in order to formulate an effective and definite marketing program
Retail Census Industry Coverage
  • Provision
  • Canteen/Foodcourt
  • Kiosk
  • Traditional Food Service
  • Others
  • Salon and Spa
  • Pharmacy
  • Health & Beauty Store
  • Electronic Store
  • Traditional Book Store
  • Gas Station
  • Building Material Outlet
  • Cyber Cafe
  • Voucher Kiosk
  • Automotive Workshop
In this era of tight competition, the company should be able to get fast and real time information about their quality of product and service. By getting all the information faster, company can make a better decision to anticipate market movement and competitor aggressiveness. M-Recen emphasizes on fast, accurate data processing feature using android-based application which can easily be accessed anytime, anywhere.
Unlike other conventional retail census, M-Recen offers three key advantages:
M-Recen team consists of highly competent personnels that have passed through a series of individual performance selection test, and managed by a team of experienced researchers with remarkable experience in retail industry.
Unlike other conventional retail census product, M-Recen uses web-based technology to deliver data in a real-time basis. Data will be accessible by clients right after it is collected by M-Recen team.
The collaboration between state of the art technology (using geo-tagging, mobile application and & programming) and highly qualified M-Recen team enables us to generate a fact-based and detailed market insights regarding geographical profile, distribution path, sales performance and product availability.
How M-Recen Works?
Project Flow
Retail census & outlet monitoring project flow
Data Gathering
All M-Recen team members will be equipped with a tablet that contains retail census mobile application. Using the handset, the data will be available real time, hence the result will be accessible right after it is recorded by the interviewer.
The data collecting process consists of observation and interview. Picture of the outlet will be taken and outlet coordinate will be recorded as evidence.
Quality Control
Quality control will be conducted in several stages to minimize error in each data collecting process
  • Coverage Quality Control
To avoid mistakes during area exploration by our data collecting team, the area will be re-assessed by reviewer team to ensure no outlet is missed for the census.
  • Data Quality Control
Data calibration is done regularly to ensure its relevance with current market condition
* Selection and recruitment process for both data collecting and reviewer team will be done in strict supervision. Each of our team member will undergo a selective fit and proper test, and those who met our requirements will be empowered with MarkPlus’ softskill coaching